Rathtrevor Beach!

We went to Rathtrevor Beach to meet up with Doreen, Taryn, and Palmer. It's always a big sky there!

...I mean, it's always a big beach there!

It took a while to find them on the beach. ...the tide was out!

The search for treasure (crabs, oysters, etc) began in earnest!

To get the sand dollars, you needed to be in the water...

The beach was wide enough to land Ocean The Airplane! Say, what is Jack smoking?

The search carried into deeper waters. That wavelet by Finnegan's head marks the drop-off into the deeps...

"We're not wasting any more time down here, we're hiking to Mt Arrowsmith!"

"We'll be back before dark!"

The tide is coming in fast now, so the search had to speed up!

Well, they found a few things...

The tide was moving up the beach at a walking pace here!

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