The Second Annual James Anthony Huysmans International Invitational Mini-Golf Tournament: The Winner Buys Everyone Ice Cream

The event got off to a shaky start, as it became evident that the camera-guy done went and forgot to bring his camera! Oops. Sorry, cell phone pics only...

The field was made up of 2 goups, here's the 1st group (L-R): Jennifer Woods, Ocean Woods, Yuko Woods, Finnegan Woods, and Jack Woods.

The 2nd group was led by Finn Woods, shown here perfecting his game winning pool cue drive!

The 2nd group: Finn Woods, John Woods, and Ken Woods (seen here demonstrating his game winning putt technique). Not shown: Don Woods, he's behind the camera phone...

John Woods also demonstrating his game winning putt technique! Last year's winner, Marion Woods, had not yet arrived in town. There was going to be a new champion!

Hmmm.... It looks like Finnegan Woods may have encountered a game winning problem!

Shhh... (whispering in golf voice) ...and here we see Finn Woods demonstrating his game winning technique as he sinks another putt! (golf clap ensues)

The course was busy this day, or we were too slow... You can see Yuko Woods off to the left already way ahead in the 1st group.

But we caught up with them pretty quickly. Here is Ocean Woods demonstrating his game winnng ball interference technique just as Yuko Woods was about to sink her game winning putt.

And now we have Finnegan Woods, here demonstrating his game winning open-stance technique.

While Jack Woods looks on in his "ere shy shy shy" shirt, Ocean Woods tackles the dreaded up and down and up and down tricky shot with his game winning technique...

And now Jennifer Woods demonstrates her game winning "air-bourne" ball technique for avoiding obstacles...

Under no pressure at all, Yuko Woods lines up her game winning putt under the watchful eyes of all the other competitors. No Pressure! page.