Day 1: Sproat Lake.

...but first, Oma has a trophy!

Well, actually, it's a trophy won by Lucas in the soapbox derby!

Soapbox derby? Well, that's the name given to these karts, and all participants must use the same wheels, brake system, and steering system.

Designed, built, and painted by his father and grandfather, then piloted by Lucas, who even found himself on the cover of the local paper!

Well, we can't have this around, and not let the other kids try it!

The roads are a bit rough here, and they're not really steep, so speed was difficult to come by without a little assistance...

"I want one, too! Can I have one, too? Yeah!! ...Oh no! How do I stop!!!"

Can you find Finnegan in the tall grass? Lucas is looking for him, too.. page.