The ice crystals in the upper atmosphere made for a nice circular rainbow effect.

We cycled 30 km to New Westminster Quay for lunch. ...the ride was much quicker this time, can you see why?

Yuko rode her new carbon fiber racing bike, and now I can't keep up...

This is a carbon fiber grin! Yuko likes cycling more than kayaking. I like kayaking more than cycling, and have both a regular kayak and a carbon fiber racing kayak.

This brand actually had 3 bikes in this style that fit her. She was shocked to have a choice! she has 2 bikes, a work-horse mountain bike hybrid, and a fun racer.

More changes on Granville Island at the kayak storage on the docks. Many of the dock boards, and some of the framing needs replacing. A crane will hoist the stack...

...and move it to the other side of the access ramp for a week. That's Yuko's red-white kayak on the bottom right, and my blue kayak above it.

The crane they used had every extension connected to get the job done. They moved 3 of the 4 stacks. The one that wasn't moved didn't have any deck boards issues.

It was, however, the stack that holds my white racing "epic" kayak. This is the next day, and now they are removing the 4 piling tower.

It was cut apart in sections, and a much heavier crane was there to hoist the bits away. The guy on the far right is a commercial diver, moving a pile of air hoses.

The commercial diving crew were needed to cut the pilings off underwater at the bottom. The whole project was done quite carefully.

And here's the diver cutting the posts underwater. Ok, you can't see him... This is #3 of the 4, with the guy on the left holding a rope tied to #4.
That square hole was filled in by the next day, and so I was able to use my kayak in the midst of the ongoing work. That piling tower was a old system used for putting masts on sailboats. page.