Canada Day.

Having checked out the festivities over the past years at Canada Place, and Steveston, we decided to check out the Granville Island and False Creek area.

The party was just warming up! Entertainers on stilts seemed to be a popular feature this year...

Canada: Kids of Indic heritage ! (I think...) Well, their mom is a Roots fan, for sure!

Canada: Kids of Asian descent!

Canada: Kids of Western parents! There were a lot more children here than the other places we had been.

And they're off! We were standing near the beginning of the parade route. I think the tall ones were supposed to sing, but they were feeling a bit hoarse today...

...did I mention the popularity of stilts , yet? Oh, Ok, I did. She looks to be having fun...

And so does she!

And after the "horses", come the RCMP. You know, the Mounted police... Maybe they were on pooper scooper duty. Again, a very Canadian picture.

Oh no! They held a fight, and a hockey game broke out! Actually, both referees kept handing out "High Sticking" penalties... ...wonder why... (and more stilts!)

Yup, that's high sticking! These two were guys, but the rest of the stilt walkers were pretty much all women.

I really liked this Aboriginal group. The boy out front was really into his dance. Again, a very Canadian picture.

And then the Eagles came! On stilts. ...ooooh, I get it: Flying High! page.