Dragon Boats.

But first... While having dinner on the Bridges patio on Granville Island, we all noticed this. The police had the bridge (Granville Bridge) closed. He stayed there til 6am... (cell phone pic)

A few days later, I went to see what was under him: It was a meat grinder, he wasn't over the water.

Speaking of the police... We saw a bike in a hedge a few blocks down the road. I called the "found bike" line, and they asked me to extract it from the hedge, and they'll pick it up. They did!

Along the seawall near Granville Island.

The previous picture was taken when the sun was partly blocked by a cloud. Then the cloud moved...

I liked the really dark colours.

These flowers were built a little closer to the ground.

I should know the name... Plumaria?

Nice (dutch) orange daisy!

I think I'm supposed to know the name of this (dutch) orange flower, too...

I know this one!! It's a Tiger Lily! (And if I'm wrong, please don't tell me!)

Looks like a wild rose...

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