Spring, phase III.

There was a brief pause in the rain, so it was time to check out the Stanley Park blooming bushes! A red Camelia?

And a white Camelia?

The center of this flower looks more like the Camelia that I'm familiar with...

...and it comes in white, too!

Ok, they can't all be Camelias. Can they?

I think Stanley Park needs to change this sign. Those look more like daffodils...

Did someone say "Rhodo"?

After this morning's rain, some of the flowers were still damp.

Some were even quite damp!

Most of the bushes were still getting ready to bloom!

I don't think that all the flowers survived the rains.

They were drying out quickly, though.

And now for a break from the bloomin' rhodos! The duck pond with a bridge, and even a duck!

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