A goodbye sunset.

Our loop around the north end of the island brought us right to the airport, but many hours too soon. So we carried on another 15 minutes to revisit Kihei.

After digging through the touristy shops, it was back to the restaurant we had been to earlier (the one with the rooster), and watching the sun set on the big volcano.

Yuko found the short path to the beach behind the resaurant, between the houses, past the palm trees, and there was the sunset!

Some of the locals were out for the view as well.

...I think she wants to stay longer...

Fun with sunsets.

We are a bit further south than yesterday, so the island of Lanai is now over to the right a bit.

...the sun slowly melts into the sea...

Not much time left now.

Halfway! Is it half gone, or half there?

Let's just zoom out a bit for the grande finale!

...next page.