A sunset, at last!

We drove the short distance back to the hotel, and changed out of any damp clothing. Then promptly drove right back to the same beach that we had just left!
...some people haven't moved since this morning... The water looked more inviting here, with the sunshine, and without the strong on-coming waves.

There is a "sea walk" along the front of all the Ka'anapali Beach hotels, so we went looking for a beach-side place to eat, where we could watch the sunset.

We didn't have long to wait!

Now was the time for some typical Hawaii pictures!

...by request...

There was a subset of the tourists that were as interested in the sunset as we were. Most were happily in the bar.

Sunset over the island of Lanai. The colour's real, I've zoomed in quite close...

Only a small piece of the sun left to go...

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