A bit of the local scenery.

After the helicopter ride, we went to the big mall in town to find a quick lunch.

Like everything here, it's open to the outside. Natural air conditioning! Unfortunately for the mall, the big box stores have taken most of the business.

We drove along the north west edge of town as we left the area, and came across this field!

So, I parked on the roadside, and went for a closer look!

The local artist community seems to like it too! ...it's in the eyes of the beholder, right?

The flowers were just the right height...

...even the prickle weeds look nicer out here!

Back at the hotel, time for a snack, and a quick check of the pool. Yup, some of them haven't moved since this morning...

I heard a helicopter approaching, and took its picture from the balcony. The inset is from the control panel inside the helicopter were just riding! What a coincidence! "Hi, Pilot Tim!"

We left early to get to the Luau, which was a few km south of where we were staying. We walked around the area, and saw these in someone's yard...

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