A view from the air!

We had to be at the heliport (behind the airport) by 11 am where we received a pre-flight briefing for our 11:45 helicopter tour.
We were taking the 45 minute tour of north-east Maui and the cliffs of north Molokai. It was the only one available where we could book the front seats.

This three dimensional map is marked "Start" at the heliport, then "turn left" at the east end of Molokai, and then proceed along the cliffs until "turn around". Our flight path...

We paid an extra fee to guarantee front seats. It's likely that Yuko, as the lightest, would have been placed there in the middle anyway. 2 passengers in front, 4 in the back row.

Yuko in the middle, beside the pilot. To avoid inside reflections interfering with photographs, we were advised to wear a black shirt. Yuko went full Ninja: all black!
Photographers were advised to use a polarizer filter to help reduce relections. I don't have one, and there are no specialty camera stores in Maui. Oops. So, there are some reflections...

The bay in front of the main town of Kahului. Shallow water, with kite surfers!

We proceeded along the east side of north Maui, and it became obvious very quickly that there weren't going to be many roads here, nor much shore access.

We quickly reached this rocky point, a sea bird sanctuary, and the extreme erosion is visible everywhere.

According to Tim, the pilot, this is "Blow Hole", which involves a bit of a hike down to reach. I have better pictures from 2 days later... Foreshadowing: the hallmark of fine literature!

Almost at the northern tip of Maui...

And this is the northern end of Maui. There appear to be farmed fields with lines crossing them, on the tip, and to the left. These are abandoned pineapple and sugarcane fields.
Apparently the last pineapple field was shut down last year, putting 800 out of work. I guess it's cheaper to grow elsewhere now.
In the distance, there is a tan coloured hotel complex faintly visible. This is Kapalua, a very exclusive resort area.
Where we were staying is to the left of the far side of the island on the far left edge of the picture.

Approaching Molokai's east end. We will pass over the small outlying island of Makuhooniki. The helicopter can move at about 180 kph, so the distances went by quickly.

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