Aquarium & Big Beach.

The Maui Aquarium: the largest tropical aquarium in the USA! ...the only tropical aquarium in the USA?

Located near the flat land at the junction of the 2 volcanos, the Aquarium was surprisingly good.

"This makes me hungry..."

"How can I pick the one that I want for lunch if they won't stay still!"

This was one of the larger fish in this section: "Shallow waters". A trigger fish?

The turtle pool! The side of the pool is glass, and there were about 6 of these juvenile turtles swimming about.

The turtles from above...

They need to breathe air, and with its mouth open, this one shows its sharp beak!

The main tank: Look at the sharks!

A Tiger Shark cruises by...

And a large Stingray!

Yuko in the glass tunnel, with a shark way above her, and a Stingray just out of reach! page.