Maui - first day.

We arrived after midnight, and couldn't really see anything at that time...
Daybreak! Here is Princess Yukolei Takehono, still asleep, and missing the early morning first view of the ocean from the bedroom window!

The living room balcony view (like the bedroom window) is toward the north west. There aren't many people out and about yet, and it's still too early for the pool crowd.

These little birds were everywhere, and any stray crumbs were quickly snapped up!

These birds were also frequent visitors, but seemed to move a bit slower, and usually lost the "food race" to the little birds.

By now the princess had awoken, and was taking phone pictures from the balcony!

We were staying for 6 days on Maui.

Maui is 2 seperate volcano islands that have been connected. The eroded material of the mountains has filled in the gap between them.

We were staying in the Ka'anapali Beach area, marked on this Maui outline. The busy main beach area was 2 km south of us.

We were booked into the Aston Ka'anapali Shores.

This is a condo hotel. Each unit is a privately owned condo. When unoccupied by the owners, the units are being professionally managed as hotel rooms.

"You are here" Almost. We were in the 59 unit, and were on the 4th floor. So our actual room number was 459. page.