Another car???

Well, actually, This is a 1:18 scale model of the Toyota/Subaru sports car! A birthday present from Yuko! Looks pretty acurate...

Hmm, it's shorter, and slightly narrower than the Ferrari (also a 1:18 scale model).

Ok, Ok, this one, I have to build first... One of Lego's premium edition models, and it was my Christmas present! A Porsche 911 GT3 RS !!

Inside the heavy main box: 4 smaller boxes, and a very thick instruction manual! First box begins. Engine, drive train and sub-frame.

The instruction book is very detailed, and also contains a Porsche history, as well as the 911 GT3 RS production details.

Starting to build at 5:03, it is now 6:12, and the first part of the transmission is completed...

7:50, and the transmission is finished. It features a functional "paddle-shift" transmission! ...the yellow buttons with the white elastics... (Car-geek stuff)

Another hour later, and the front suspension is completed. It actually does steer.

It is now 5 hours and 13 minutes since I started, and the rear suspension is also done. The first box of parts is used up! On to #2 (the next day...)

61 minutes into box #2, and the front exterior frame is taking shape... page.