Yuko's trip.

I received this beautiful and delicious yakitori dinner picture from one of her outings.

...so I sent a picture of my dinner, that day...

Well, it was after this nice lunch I had on Granville Island!

And yes, I'm keeping busy. This is my poor laptop during a non-stop three hour session of video file conversions.
The computer experienced a few unfortunate falls last year, and the cooling system seems to struggle now.
I left it running outside in freezing weather with a blue freezer pack sitting on the hottest spot. The freezer pack is almost completely melted...

The taxi cab of yesteryear... That looks small.

Taking in the local theater...

The Kabuki Theater!

For Yuko's first ever Kabuki experience!

All too soon, it was time to leave all this nice food, errr, family!

Yuko's sister, niece, and her niece's 2 kids kindly came along to the airport, and together shared more food time, errr, family time!

Departure (and arrival) was from the local Tokyo airport, Hanada, rather than the out of town, and larger, Narita airport.

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