Another Long Weekend.

Thanksgiving dinner with friends! "Oohhhh, a camera! This I gotta play with!" she took a picture of her dad! Ok, she actually took a lot more pictures, but this was the only one I could use.

She did her best to look harmless...

But this look says she has other intentions!

The weather was still cooperating, so it was time for a "Fall colours" tour... Fall colours? The roses are still in bloom!

Ok, some of the trees were making the transition...

Which helped to add some colour, and natural beauty, to the buildings downtown.

And some buildings needed that colour!

Especially the Wall Center towers.

The current trend is for "interesting shapes", like twists and extended balconys.

These towers are still surrounded by unchanged greenery. No Fall colours here yet...

Near the entrance to Stanley Park, the buildings are fading behind a wall of green! page.