Powell River.

We left Vancouver at 2 PM, and 2 ferries later, arrived in Powell River about 11 PM. Lots of waiting, there's no reservations possible for last minute travellers...

Our friends had booked a cabin for the weekend, and there was an unoccupied bedroom, so we were invited along to fill some empty space! ...and provide company, of course!

Bright and early the next morning, we departed for the oyster beds. That's Desolation Sound in the distance. A popular kayak destination...

The sun was just peeking over the hills...

The tide was out, and there was no shortage of oysters here!

Oysters need warm water to thrive, and there are only a few places on the BC coastline that meet their needs. This is one of them!

While Yuko carried Ana, Hisae and her father (visiting from Japan) were busy picking up oysters, and digging up small clams, as well.

It was a real family effort! Mark was mostly chasing the clams... Ok, they don't move fast, but you do need to dig into the sand a bit!

Hisae and her father were quite proficient at this clam hunting!

"Oh look! There's a whole pile of them here!" Ok, she was just washing the sand off of the ones that they had found.

Meanwhile, Ana was learning the finer details of Canadian culture!

...and was being kept away from the bigger crabs on the beach! ...like this one-armed Red Rock crab!

Soon, it was time to leave, and decisions were made as to who got to carry the seafood in the back of their car...

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