The Long Weekend.

This is an attempt to photograph the recent eclipse. Well, not the actual eclipse, but the effects of it...
This set of pictures shows the eclipse in the middle frame. Notice how bright the back-door light looks. After the eclipse, (the first picture) the back-door light is barely visible.
The difference is due to the amount of time that the camera had to expose the image detector in order to make the overall pictures "normal brightness".
According to the camera settings required, there is a 10.5x difference in the amount of available light between these 2 pictures.
The third picture shows what would happen if I brightened the first picture enough to make the back-door light brightness the same.
Our eyes are like the camera, and adapt to the brightness change, making it less noticable.

So much for the lecture... We cycled to New Westminster for brunch (~60 km round trip), stopping at a favourite cafe, only to find out it was under new, Dutch, management and menu!

At the nearby bench seating, a group of well-dressed women happened to stop by.

Ah! A wedding... Hmm. I bet they didn't cycle from Kitsilano!

Ok, now it's the long weekend... And time for a nice long "camera walk".

It wasn't that warm yet (10:30 am), so the pool and beach were still quiet.

The irony of this big raindrop (an all too common event in Vancouver) is that we haven't had rain for a few months now...

There are still plenty of water features to go around, though.

The air was still a bit cool, but even so, no one was playing in the fountains.

Well, at least the lily pad flowers were still happy!

From the Stanley Park Seawall: Grouse mountain is still offering summer activities, and the trams are busy.

The Lion's Gate Bridge. One of my on-going projects: get a better picture of the bridge! page.