A kayak tour.

Apparently Yoko survived her Canada Day bicycle ride with us, so Yuko convinced her to try a kayak ride!

So, her first ever paddle in a Kayak, and away they go!

Oops... I'd better catch up, I'm supposed to be going too!

After a few minutes of paddling about in the sheltered moorage area, it was time to brave the waves!

Since it was a Sunday, there were a lot of other paddlers, and sailors, and powerboats to keep us company.

But I still managed to get a few uncluttered pictures of the two. ...or did he use photoshop?

Yuko is getting very comfortable on the water.

We docked for a break on the far side of Granville Island, where they then went in search of lunch at a nearby cafe!

...while I watched the kayaks, and the kids returning from a lesson.

After a quick break, it was back to the speed trials... Ok, it was back to the tour!

A rare sight: both of them paddling near to each other! Bonus points for them paddling in unison (almost).

Even this was a rare occurance...

Ok, this was the normal situation! In Yoko's defence, it was her first time on the water, and she kept stopping to take pictures!

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