The past week...

Well. Summer seems to have arrived.

When I paddled by 30 minutes ago, the blue boat was afloat, but sitting low in the water... When paddling on the way back, I saw this. There's a motor on the back...

So later that day, I came back with the big camera to get another view from shore. And a rescue effort was underway.

They removed the drowned motor, it's the black shape on the back of the powerboat, beside the bucket.

This is a few days later. The blue boat is still afloat, but now has no motor. Here the grey inflatable is being pumped up.

I did my "Tour du New West", a good 60km cycle with a few stops along the way!

And then there was my "Cycle du Recycle". Hmmm... maybe a computerized bicycle isn't going to work... Yes, the tape held it in place!

That was followed later by a "Tour du Fujiya", where we picked up some travelling dinner, and on the way back met up with Peter and family. That's their bikes by mine, and Yuko's in the foreground.

On another day, I did the "Tour du North Van". I went to the kayak shop to get some rudder set-up info, and on the way back this procession made its way past me.

They weren't moving particularly quickly, though. ...and there was an ambulance in the vehicle procession behind them.

Yet another day, and it was the "Tour du Deep Cove"! About 55km, with a nice reward at the destination!

...And yet another flat tire, with no obvious sign of any source of the puncture. I'm buying inner tubes three at a time now... page.