150 years old.

The long weekend arrives: but the temperatures are still a bit cool.

But that didn't stop these kids from playing in the water park!

The lilypads are spreading further each year. Still no frogs on them yet...

The giant rhubarb is, well, becoming giant...

These pea flowers were still in their prime...

And same with these daisies.

I don't know what the flower is, but the bees like these.

The fountains at Queen Elizabeth Park. Only one person in the water here, and mostly hidden by the water.

The quarry gardens don't have much floral display today. Must be between plantings...

Not many flowers here either.

OK, I found some! They were hiding over here!

There were three types of these: this one had many petals, there was also a variety with a double row of petals, and another with just the single row of five petals.

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