The weather cooperated, at least for a while, which made for a good kayak day. It's not usually women driving the Seadoos. Equality!

Ok! There were six Seadoos in the group, and all of the occupants were women. Now that's a girl's day out!

Uhhh.... BC Water Bikes, is apparently a thing now. They use a propellor on a drop-down leg.

Ah! But will it displace the craft of the moment, the paddle board.

It looks like the fashion models were out: For the ladies...

...and, for the gents...

The Dragon Boats were racing tomorrow, though this is not one of them.

"Did he take my picture? Did he take my picture? Yes! He took my picture!"

As per usual, an hour after launch the wind picks up from the West... It began to get a bit choppy, so it was back to Granville Island for ice cream. ...and vegetable shopping...

And nothing says "The arrival of Summer" better than a freezer de-icing session!

It was still a bit breezy the next day, but the weather was good enough for the pool to get busy.

What's this I see? Can it be? Yes, yes it is! Boat #14 this year!

That white shape that's way behind the boat, off to the right, is his anchor. That is a strange place to run aground... It would require a strong North wind, which doesn't happen often. page.