Edmonton Cleanup.

Edmonton. The city center is visible in the distance.

Ken, Doreen, and Don, arrived on a Friday night, and the next morning surveyed the scene...

There were many items to sort in the utility room.

There was evidence of many sports having been tried. And a folding workbench with the Woodwards price tag still on it!

The balcony and shed held lots of items to be removed, including many loads of pine firewood, all under a newspaper from 1994.

However, first item on the agenda: room assignments. Doreen being the SENIOR member of the group claimed the master bedroom, with the large comfortable bed.

Ken, having more recent seniority at this location, claimed the guest room.

That left Don with either the bathtub, or the Living Room floor. Fortunately, we found several air mattresses!

Next to be setup was the Command Center: All the serious working tools were assembled.

And even more important: the kitchen! A collection of foods, water, and a new coffee maker were provided as a convenience for the workers.
Actually, what it really meant was that they had no excuses to stop working... We would start at about 8:30 AM, and stop sometime after 10 PM.

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