Water-Park Birthday.

It's her 2nd Birthday, and she hasn't seen me since her Whistler visit 5 months ago. So, she's a bit shy...

But not for long! "Hey, come here, and close your eyes..."

"That's not fair, you peeked!"

"...Hmmm. Maybe if I act all sweet and innocent..."

"Humph. The water doesn't reach far enough..."

"Oh well. Mom said she wanted these pants washed..."

"...socks, too!"

"Why are all these people trying to stop me from having fun?"

So while she gets dried off, and changed, Yuko entertains the guests with a bubble wand!

Then, as other guests wandered in and out, we continued on down the sea wall, where this guy was making the real bubbles!

So here are a few adult geese providing day care for allll the youngsters! Their parents were all across the walkway, enjoying the peace!

Before getting back home, we just had to make an ice-cream stop at the local hot-spot!

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