Looking back at the Weekend...

It was a day where the weather cleared. And the pirates were on the prowl! Nice to see the parents getting in on the act!

My ride for the next 3 hours... I changed to a longer and thinner styled lifejacket. This one doesn't catch the wind as much as the other one did, and doesn't scrape my arms when I wear it.

Test driving a new paddle. The shaft has a narrower tube that is "bent" into a more ergonomic shape. It's more suitable to her grip and her arm position.

Also a replacement life jacket (pfd). This one doesn't ride up and bump her in the back of the head like the previous one did. They're the same brand and size, just a different lower strap system.

From a few days earlier: This is how to remove a "lost yacht"!

I'm sure you would have guessed anyway, but that's a lot of bird poop!

...so don't moor under the bridge!

Another unhappy boat. The aluminum boat tied up to it actually did all that damage.

Through the winter, the absentee owner left the small boat on top, but it blew off and was only holding on by one rope. It got blown around...

...time for a bathroom break, and a snack run!

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