Near the Shore.

Summer!!! ...well, not quite, but it was a warmer day, for once!

Even the doggies were getting into the water. And look at all those anchored boats. I sure hope they are anchored well. (Foreshadowing: the hallmark of quality literature)

The bright light on the new leaves.

Meanwhile, closer to the ground...

...will this guy ever stop with the rhodo pictures? ...probably not...

More work on the Burrard bridge. From the underside.

This is the former railway tracks, converted to a pedestrian / cycle path, with a wood chip jogging path. It is also usually quite busy.

...I guess it's a usefull alternative to crutches! That wrapping does not look professional, though.

A few more flowers, first the Iris.

Then the poppy.

I remember these poppy heads from way back in Dad's old garden.

Closer to the water, a kayak class is getting set to begin their lesson. page.