Mazda Surprise!

It took 2 weeks to get here from Japan, arriving in Canada two days prior.

I was offered the opportunity to help remove the protective plastic covers, but declined, deferring to the pro's.

It had a few extra stickers etc on it, since it was already sold, and not part of the dealer's speculative sales stock.

There was a lot of protective plastic inside.

Especially the driver's seat.

Even the wheels!

This was a "basic" model, loaded with many goodies standard. The only option on it was the All Wheel Drive, which includes the larger engine.
The next model up includes leather trim, moon roof, power seats, etc. The top model adds full leather, and a whole pile of electronics like lane control, proximity sensors, and on and on.

Two days later: Friday morning, and it's William (left), the floor staff manager, and Kelly (right), one of the sales staff doing the honours!

The secret is finally revealed, and the realization is beginning to hit home!

She really had no words. Yet.

The staff were very attentive, and very involved. I guess they like a happy story too!

"This is really mine!" Yes. Yes, it is.

"You said we were looking for chairs, and a bike rack for the truck!"

And the rain had stopped a few minutes earlier, the sun was out, and the car was hers.

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