A Sunny Day!

We cycled over to the park where the Japanese Language School was having a sports day. We arrived just as it ended...

The kids were sure having fun!

Hmm. Haven't seen this little boy since he turned 1 year old! He sees Yuko more often...

Yuko headed back home to get some teaching materials finished, while I continued on over the Second Narrows Bridge into North Van.

For those who normally drive it, there's a great view from the sidewalk!

I pedalled over to West Van, and took the back trail to Ambleside, looking for a quiet lunch spot. This is a fun corner on a bike!

Lion's Gate Bridge.

There was a farmer's market in the parking lot! But unless I wanted to eat hand made soap or wooden toys, I had to look elsewhere for lunch.

Some of the cherry trees were still in full bloom, and the park was quite busy.

So rather than fight the crowds for a lunch spot, I headed back to Vancouver over the Lion's Gate Bridge. A great viewpoint!

I think I missed a turn... The sidewalk is gone!

No it's not. But just behind that flag in the distance is a great little lunch spot! And I'm getting hungy.

Grouse Mountain. The heat shimmers in the air are making the wind turbine blades look warped!

Ok, this is the "real" Grouse Mountain, it's behind the ski hill, and is the one that the hikers are always getting lost on.

Well, the great little lunch spot near the bridge is completely closed and the entire building is being rebuilt. So it was over to a hot-dog stand further along. Lunch at 3pm.

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