A Sunny Day!

It was busy on the water today! I went to see the tall boat, but it wasn't there today... The wind and the waves were! This is the "Kayaking Camera", small & waterproof.

I don't often see the rowers out training. I guess it's more because I don't usually paddle weekends (to avoid the crowds). This is not the kayaking camera.

Near Science World. The Dragon Boats were racing, and I'm near the finish line. Last summer at Sproat Lake, my camera fell out of the truck, and the lens broke.

#4 wins! Anyway, I went back to mom's to get the superwide lens I have so that I could still get pictures. The broken lens was a 16-85, and it's the lens that I used the most.

...then 5, 2 & 3. Lenses don't get "repaired" anymore, at least not the vibration reduction ones. They replace all the innards as a unit and charge near-new prices for the repair.

...and #1 is last... That lens has also been improved upon, and it was that newer lens that I wanted. This is the new lens (16-80), on the dropped camera. Much sharper pictures...

The next crews were lining up... The dropped camera also has issues, but they are minor, and it's still very useful. It too has been improved upon.

Lots of other kayakers out today. Since I'm usually out on week-days, when it's much quieter, it seems a bit strange to have other boats in the way!

This is a tour group, the leader is barely visible on the right. They travelled really slowly. I don't.

Back on land, after the kayak run, and checking out the next show... Cameras. That dropped camera has been improved upon, and these pictures are from it.

I also added a more telephoto lens (18-300), which lets me take a different type of picture. It's very useful for removing the extra clutter in some situations.

And for getting pictures of the eccentric people from a safer distance!

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