A Sunny Day!

Summer can't be too far away, the outdoor pool maintenance has begun...

The beach volleyballers are making the most of it...

They were also about the only ones out today.

The trees were foliaging along quite well.

The dogwood flowers were not coping well with "old age".

These rhodos were still in full parade mode, cheerfully oblivious to their fate.

Ok, it looks like someone has moved the big steel crab...

Oops, that was the back. Here's the front.

These cherry blossoms are slowly yielding to the call of their compatriots already on the ground...

Looks like the rain has not completely dried yet.

That's what I call "a mess of tulips".

These are interesting. A very attractive plumage, and a vivid colour too! I bet they would make a popular addition to any garden!

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