Hey! A sunny day!

The rain took a well-deserved rest today. Oh look, the magnolia blooms are starting open!

And so are the camelia flowers!

I don't know the name of this one, but the perfume is certainly strong! (edit: Yuko says it's a Japanese Adromeda, Pieris japonica)

On such a nice sunny day, with a temperature of 9 C, its tanning time of course!
The Coast Guard hovercraft is going by in the background, it then turned and headed straight north (towards the mountains).
There is a black barge on the right, with a crane jutting into the air at one end. Immediately below the crane is a tall white pole in the water. That's the mast of the sunken sailboat.

The tide is low. I went out kayaking 3 hrs before this, and the tide outflow gave me a real speed boost! Of course, that made it tougher to return!

This small cherry tree is one of the earlier bloomers.

The new sidewalk and bike lane on the west side of the Burrard Bridge are done! And popular!

So it's now on to the east side!

Only 1,846 cyclists so far today...

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