Spring-kling Paused.

Last week, and a sudden wind storm must have blown through.

I wasn't carrying my camera, but saw the carnage while walking across the Burrard Bridge.

This one is another half km down the beach from the first one.

I used my phone's camera, so the images may not seem as sharp. The first boat was back on the water in less than an hour.

Spring really is trying to get here...

But the clouds are not cooperating yet.

Winter still wants its say...

And after that night-time snow fall cleared, it was time for a day-time snow fall!

Finally. A sunny day, and the sun-soakers are already hard at work!

A bit windy, though. Between thirty and fifty kph.

Perfect day for these kite surfers, though!

I had been for a paddle earlier today, but stayed inside False Creek to avoid the worst of the waves. So now it was time to check the boats...

Uh oh. This guy has dragged anchor part way down the channel. It's a powerboat, nose down into a wave, and covered by a tarp.

Now this guy has it all figured out! The safest way to para-glide: hop along the ground!

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