Whistler! Blackcomb!

We were staying for more days than we usually do, and invited guests to join us!

This is Hisae, a fellow Olympic volunteer who also helped the Japanese team!

...with her husband Mark, and their daughter Anna!

We wandered over to the village, and had to cross this creek. The snow is almost covering it!

The snow piles were getting to be in the way. ...not according the kids, though!

Olympic memories!

Mark was also a volunteer, helping the Ukrainian team.

They both have Ph.D.'s, while their daughter has a PHD! (a Pretty Heavy Diaper)

The log fort is more fun with kids...

Anna was well-behaved, no fussing or crying... "Who's that guy with the camera, and why does he keep following me around?"

Yuko took over so that Hisae and Mark could enjoy finishing their lunch. ...so she's looking in the window at the camera!

...she seemed to enjoy the short ride...

And all too soon, it was time for them to head home!

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