The ponds have frozen over!

A week of sub-zero temperatures (celsius, of course!), and the dire warnings are being.... ignored!

The water plants are frozen in place!

And the skaters have been exploring!

This pond is a bit too small to be of that much interest to the skaters, though.

The next pond over, however, seems very popular! Both ponds are behind the Planetarium, near the Coast Guard station.

Meanwhile, near the Coast Guard station... The wreck recovery temporary storage!

This is #12 from 2016, and it has been retrieved, and none too gently!

The white skid marks show that it was dragged from the boat launch ramps to the parking lot area.

"'s only a few scratches, those will polish right out!"

The mast, and some of the hardware has been removed... ...forcefully. The hull was grabbed and dragged by the nose to its current location.

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