On the water.

On the other side of Granville Island, a small stream is slowly adding fresh water to the bay. Fresh water is 10% lighter than salt water, and it's now frozen!

The ice was mushy and soft around the edges, and easy to paddle through.

I then took a run at the harder ice in the middle! The kayak would lift at the front, and then fall through the ice as it broke under the kayak's (my) weight.

"Hey! I should get a picture of this! Ok, I'll just put my camera box over here for a minute... And it sure is nice that the paddle can't drift away!"

Here's the problem with forward progress, the paddle edge just bounces off the ice.

The ice makes normal paddling technique useless!

This worked, though! ...I'm not holding it... I do need to be careful, though, carbon fiber can be brittle!

I tried a few other spots, but the ice was nearly 2 cm thick.

A power boat had gone through the ice since I saw it the day before. It also looks like someone's thrown some rocks onto it as well. Oh well, back to the regular open water paddling...

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