Long Beach Waves

We took advantage of the weather forecast "no rain today" to go to Long Beach. Hmm. It didn't mention snow! On the Sproat Lake side of Sutton Pass.

Uh oh. Beach access is closed! I walked to the logs, and saw that there was no beach to walk on, and that half the logs were moving!

Apparently it's about 2 hrs after high tide, but there's a storm surge arriving from offshore. ...and it's sunny! Waves!

This was in July. High tide didn't even reach that drift-wood fort back there on the right.

This is November. ...what driftwood fort?

Jack was fishing off these rocks in the summer. No, not those rocks over there, the rocks in front of me that are under the water...

Yes, I got a bit wet... Camera stayed dry, though!

There are rocks way out there too...

Big crashing waves out there...

...lots of water in the air!

...lots of spray in the air, too. And it was settling on my camera lens! Ok, I cleaned it...

...time to move! That wave spray is over 8 feet high!

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