Nut Cracker Suite

Then the gingerbread baker came on stage...

With a whole collection of dancing gingerbread cookies! (she's on the right side, at the back...)

They danced around the baker, and here she is 4th from the end of the line, all facial expression!

All too soon, it was time to get back under cover...

...there's always one...

The dance of the flowers...

Then it was curtain calls! But only for the older dancers. The dancer in pink and on her toes is a guest pro, as is Mr. black boots.

Well! Isn't she the star!

Nana wants in on this!

So do her mom, dad, and brother... Can't you see he's overcome with emotion? He must be a patron of the Arts!

Just with mom!

...and Aunt Yuko!

...who also volunteered for Lucas duty, while dancer and mom went to the after-party!

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