Hole In The Wall

An unknown Port Alberni feature!

There was a break in the weather, so we took advantage of the opportunity to locate...

...this old wooden slat pipe, held together with steel wire.

Which travelled up these 2 logs, and through this "Hole In The Wall"!

Well, you gotta walk out the logs for the better camera viewpoint, right?

This looks like the hole was made in the narrow barrier along a hair-pin turn in the creek.

The shale walls would have been easy to dig through, too.

The shale shows the evidence of past geologic forces.

Especially this fracture and fold.

So: Can we get to the other side? Ok, we back-tracked and found the next trail. Apparently, they strictly enforce parking regulations here.

This looks like it should be fun to visit in the summer. Based on their hand waving, we think they were asking how we got to the other side...

Then, we followed the old pipe further up the trail...

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