Autumn's Run.

No one knows why she signed up for "Cross-country" running, but the big event was at WO_D ELEWENTARY (?!?), and having your own spectators matters!

The various elementary schools were all represented, and in their team shirts. Autumn is just visible at the back, near the exit door.

They were brought to order, and the rules were read out, the course described, and the accompanying adults identified.

There were kids from grade 3 to 8, and they were started in several group, oldest to youngest. And they're off!

Well, almost. some of them ran too far and had to come back for the official start! Autumn's wearing blue, with yellow #17.

And they're off! For real this time, too! It was pouring rain...

Up the hill they went, you can see the support crew in the distance...

As they disappeared into the distance, the non-running support crew (parents, relatives, groupies, etc), wandered over to the finish line nearby.

They came from behind the white building on the right, then past that large green box by the fence...

She was one of the youngest ones there, and pushed herself pretty good. page.