Hockey time.

Lucas' second hockey practice! ...he's the one down on his left knee, between the 2 players with stiped socks.

He is in an introductory program sponsored by Canadian Tire, $200 gets them all the proper new equipment, and 6 lessons.

...such a price to pay to fall on your face! ...repeatedly! And not alone!

The session was well attended! As Lucas skates by, can you find James, Mom, Autumn, Yuko, Sharlyn, and Krista?

The face of fun!

He was getting more stable as the session progressed.

The family even came out into the cold to watch!

He is right-handed, but hold the hockey stick like a left-hander.

After the various drills, like skating, stopping, turning, edging, and stick handling, there were a few minutes to chase a ball around!

Lucas Gretsky! "He dekes, he scores!"

"Good game, son!" "Thanks, dad." page.