Thanksgiving in Port Alberni

I went out for a paddle, and when I got back the wind really picked up. An hour ago, this was calm...

While paddling by, I saw the that the old boat had been moved, so came to take a look. Oh. That's a nasty crunch.

This is not damage from when it was in the water! The scratches in the pavement show the boat was grabbed with a big claw/bucket on a excavator, and moved by dragging it.

This was attached to the cabin window.

The stern is in terrible shape. A derelict boat. It was dragged across the concrete ridges, which left a trail of fiberglass scrapings. The boat was gone a few days later.

The trees are still enjoying the dry weather.

These will be gone soon, victims of the next windstorm...

A kitesurfer enjoying the wind off Kits Beach!

The kitesurfer, not enjoying the wind off Kits Beach. He actually managed to keep the kite in the air while he recovered. Impressive.

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