The sunshine continues.

Someone had the bright idea of setting aside 1 square mile of parkland beside the growing city...

Someone else had the bright idea of building a bridge and then selling the land on the other shore!

On a cooler and windy morning, the beaches aren't as crowded.

Looks like someone bought the local artworks on Granville Island.

Where the playground is still popular, and the water still flows!

This one blasts a short burst into the air, and if there's any wind it then "rains" on those nearby!

Back in Kits, the water (wild and tame) is getting crowded.

Near Jericho, another one joins the club: that's # 9 this year...

And how is #8 doing, you ask?

Two weeks later, it's still here! ...and looking soggy. Well hydrated. Very damp.

These guys were goofing off. One fell in, so the other rolled off his canoe and swam over. Lots of laughing, no life-jackets. Not far from shore, though.

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