The easiest way to avoid having to find parking downtown? Take the train!

"What the..." "Do you see that?"

Their first ComiCon!

Dress up as your favourite cartoon or anime or anything character! ...and behave in character for the audience outside!

Unfortunately, the characters were not always easy to identify...

I'm guessing a 1920's Flapper ?

Oh well, let's check out the Canada Place observation deck...

The ComiCon ticketed event was inside, and to the right.

OK, enough of the fantasy, and onward to reality: Lunch!

Excellent weather for dining outside! ..and wind-driven water spray to liven things up a bit!

That? It used to exist in the water at this location, and was moved onto the walkway to preserve some of the original character of the area...

...there must be a playground or park around here somewhere... page.