Squamish & Whistler

This looked like an interesting detour on the way to Whistler... It's located right before Squamish, by the big exposed rock faces.

...beats hiking!

Selfie heaven! The view alone was worth the ride!

There is much geology to observe, not just the hiway to Vancouver...

...much quicker than walking!

The Squamish River meets Howe Sound.

Beside the gondola exit, a suspension bridge is there to tempt (or to scare!) the tourists!

We, uh, didn't go into the building at all! I will presume it's a cafeteria and seating area...

The view from the open area at the end of the bridge. We then went north (to the right, in the picture) on the trail to the Chief viewpoint.

From one of the minor viewing areas along the trail, Garibaldi looms overhead!

...Finn practices bending trees with just the power of his mind!

At last, the Chief viewing platform! Another excellent feature to tempt (or to scare!) the tourists!

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