Two Beaches.

A nice relaxing start to the day: Guys on the couch, girls in the ki... ...oops...

Yoga-by-the-sea! student!

Hot-tub-by-the-sea! ...seasoned experts!

Chesterman from the island, showing the classic tombolo shape. (google it)

On the island. It is a privately owned island, however ownership begins above the highest waterline, like where the trees are. Much of the island is lower than that, and is public land.

"Look at my pet crab!"'s been dead for a while...

I really think "Detta" is a Scandinavian word for "sand"...

Or maybe "Flying sand"

"Blowing sand"? Where is their adult supervision, anyway?


The "Great Ditch of Chesterman Beach" continues to be excavated...

And it needs to be drained! Quick, more buckets!

"You're all covered in "Detta"! Here, let me wash some of that "Detta" off with more "Detta"..." page.