A little exercise...

Well, it was a little exercise to walk back to the Science World area to pick a few more rose hips...

This is what they looked like with the attachments still on. The stem on the right, and the remains of the flower on the left.

It felt like a good explore day on the bike. All this road construction! I'm standing in the middle of the intersection of SW Marine Drive and 49th Ave, looking towards UBC.

The entire length of SW Marine, from Granville to 41st is blocked to traffic, and many simultaneous work sites are on the go. This is a short completed section.

In the Marpole area, watching the Canada Line transit going over the Fraser River to the Airport. ...or maybe it was coming from the airport!

There is a good cycle path attached, making it easy to get to Richmond.

From the Richmond side looking back to Marpole. With the rapid transit now in place, Marpole is collecting new towers.

Richmond is still improving their cycle trail network, and this is looking west down the Fraser River.

Looks like the night market location / storage area!

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