Canada D'eh.

The other side of scuba. Recreational divers pick nice clear water. These guys have to go into some pretty disgusting sludge, and need complete coverage.

Scuba tanks on the floor. The girl in the green jacket is taking a picture of rebreathers, which re-circulate the air removing CO2, and adding back O2. Very few bubbles. Stealthy!

It was party time outside! And the cruise ship was reloading...

A climbing wall! Keeping up with the trends, I see. I will assume this is not a Senior's Only cruise!

Stocking up on supplies! The crane was moving the box from dock to ship, and the guy with the ropes was positioning the box to make it easier for the forklift drivers to load and unload.

Check out what's being loaded: Mostly alcohol!

The Olympic flames were in full blast (not joking, there was heat!), and the junior cheerleader squad tryouts were under way...

Too low for a trampoline... Too high for skate board... It's pogo stick jumping! Seriously. Boing, boing, boing...

This guy must have felt the day needed a bit more rain... "You've scaring the kids, George!"

Vancouver has put in a lot of bike lanes now, and it's becoming quite the popular tourist activity. Most of them do leave their shirts on, though.

The West End has its unique personalities, and they also celebrate the day!

It was a good day, and it was especially nice to have the weather improve as the day progressed! page.