Kayaks, etc.

Another kayak day at Deep Cove. Lots of expensive toys everywhere...

Bright morning, bright colours!

Ok, let's see if this group of empty yellow kayaks (on the left) gets put to good use...

Oh! It looks like class is in session!

"Ok, this is called a "kayak", named after its inventor, the famed Inuit "Igloo George Kayak", whose name means "paddle faster, the Polar Bear is catching up".

"OK, now the first thing you need to do is check the tire pressures..."

"Then make sure the brake and gas pedal both work properly, and that you are familiar with their locations..."

"And last: a nice deep bow to the beach. It's considered polite, and it's best not to anger the ocean gods. The formalities must be observed.."

"Ok, now one last reminder: don't dangle your toes of fingers in the water, or else the sharks will get them..."

Actually I jest, the instructor and assistant were very helpful, gave good coverage of the basics, and didn't scare anyone away.

So many possible destinations...

Well, now that they are on the way, let's see what else is going on...

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