There are still some good flower displays to be found...

...looks like something is bugging this one, though.

And here too! Those are very small wings for that large bee!

Against repeated orders not to, this happy little dog went for a walk into the duck pond...

The city has provided these cedar chairs, and they are being enjoyed! They have been there for several weeks now. The chairs, not the tourists...

Still here. Looks like it's going to become part of the local ambience.

The police boat, and a Coast Gaurd boat, involved in something.

(Browser: Enhance!) Whatever it is, they have an audience.

Another chance to get a look at the new police boat. Looks like they took some of the seats out.

There appears to be a discussion going on...

I had gone down on the dock to get the next picture, below. Once there I realized that they had rescued a young Asian man, who did not look happy. I did not take his picture.
In the picture above, he is the one seated on the floor of the boat, with the red life jacket that they had put him in. Four officers are staying with the guy, and three more were checking
his identification in his now soggy wallet. This is a busy little ferry dock, so many people were given a close view of the situation. 60% of water rescues are from failed suicide attempts.
He was eventually taken away in an ambulance, with 2 police officers. We could all see him, but I didn't feel comfortable taking any pictures of him. Sad situation.

This situation, however, I did find funny. Having the kids playing above that sign!

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