On the Rocks.

Meanwhile, the rhubarb keeps growing...

Rhodo? What rhodo? I don't see a rhodo...

A "Nordic Tugs" brand boat. This is how you do it right.

...and this is how you do it wrong.

Again, it's not really that windy. Why are these boats loosing thier moorage?

This is not a good boat. It has all the bits in the right places, and probably still could sail, but this is the end of the line.

Vancouver Harbour Commission should consider placing a few wrecks here and there just for the tourists...

17 and counting... There do appear to be 2 sizes of young birds, so it's likely a blended bunch.

I thought it was a small seal, but it's an otter! First time to see it. This is between the boats where I keep the kayak.
Apparently there is a family that lives under the dock floor boards under the kayaks, on top of the large floats that hold up the dock. I've heard the noises, but I thought it was young birds.

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